Wedding Program Fans

Last year  a customer approached me and asked me to create a Wedding Program Fan.. I said, “a what?”.  I did a little research and found what I thought to be a great idea.  “Sure, I can do that”  Little did I know this would soon become the bane of my existence.  I did not put a lot of thought into how to put them together or the best way to print them.  WOW did that take a long time.  The first set of 50 took me almost 2 days to make.  I made them on a letterpress by hand, die cut them and glued them together with a very small paint brush.. – Do the math.. starving children in sweatshops were probably making more per hour.   I had posted these on my Etsy Shop and not too long after got another request for them.  I started to dread people asking for them.

One year later I now have in house : conventional printing, die cutting and a professional gluing machine.  I can now make and assemble 100 in about half a day.  I am always amazed at how beautiful these look when finished.



By default the fan portion is 5×7 inches and die cut with rounded corners
• Die cutting insures each side is exactly the same size and allows for the colours to bleed off the edge of the page.
•  I can make any shape or size but will probably need to have a special die made if I do not already have it ( $100 – $200 )
• The handles are straight and 6″ in length.  I do have curvy handles, and can get other shapes.
• I have a lot of practice putting these together and am pretty good at it, there can still be a slight overlap from front to back.


My pricing is VERY competitive because everything is done in house.  You can purchase the fans assembled or unassembled.


$3.25 each with a plain handle
$4.25  each with a printed handle – one colour
$5.25 each with a printed handle – two colours ( printing is only available on the straight handles )


$2.00 each with a plain handle
$3.00  each with a printed handle – one colour
$4.00 each with a printed handle – two colours ( printing is only available on the straight handles )

I will send you a guide to fill out ( word or pages doc ), from this I will design your fan.  We go back and forth until you are happy – easy peasy!






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