Wedding Coasters, Letterpress Coasters, Save the Date Coasters

Its taken a while but I think I have really mastered this tricky medium.  I recently had a close friend in my letterpress shop and walked her through the process from start to finish of what is involved.  As I had built the process myself it had not really hit me as to just how much goes into these.  I don’t think I have ever made one that I would not be proud to showcase at my own event.  Please be careful when putting your drink down on them.. I worked really hard to make them beautiful!



The coasters are printed via letterpress one colour at a time, one coaster at a time.
• They are printed on 60 point coaster stock and can be round or square ( 4″ )

• For Save the Date Wedding Coasters I use A2 envelopes ( not included but available at $0.75 each ) or $1.00 each with return address
• Guest addressing made to match the coaster design is available for the envelopes at $1.00 each – that is each individual guest name printed on the front of the envelope )



• There is a minimum order of 100 – even that is low for the amount of work that goes into designing and printing them.
• The first 100 are $185.00 ( Canadian Dollars ) after that they are $1.50 each.   This is based on two colours.
• Additional colours are available at an additional cost of $1.00 per colour per coaster.


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